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A fine assortment of specialist Chefs willing to help out where needed from throughout the Country with an amazing portfolio of experience.

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Freelance -Hospitality Agencies

Are you in the Business of Recruiting or just needing to keep employment at a strong level then why not join the list of Agencys then sign up and let those that are in need of your specialist service find you easily.

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Freelance Hospitality Jobs

Here at F-H we want to share what is available for you the chef also have the chef available to contact to make easier for both parties Direct.

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Are you in need of updating your Hygiene Certificate then we have brought to our Freelance Chefs the chance of renewing your Certificates here

Food Safety and Hygiene

Are you looking to showcase your Business to the Chef then why not Advertise with us all we ask is a share us to others to keep the website alive and free.

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What can Freelance-Hospitality do for you the Chef why not showcase yourself through advertising here maybe your menu's, Recipes or pictures of your food and or where you work with your Team sign up to our members Portal

About Freelance-Hospitality and How to Register


Firstly we would like to thank you for taking your time to Join us and read what Freelance-Hospitality is About.

We are what you want to us to be we are here to help the Freelance chef make sure that anytime he or she is looking for work or has to much work that they can help each other out the website its self has been in the slow making of one person and as I also work as a Freelance Chef then that basically means I Work on the website as much as I can so please be Patient if I havent added your details I will get around to it and if I have any problems then I will Contact you regarding this as I am working on all the Process of this website on my own ).

So what is a Freelance Chef and how do we come About changing over to working in this style well its really not that hard there are several avenues you can go down one is working through an Agency there are some Agencies out there who are very professional about the chefs they take on as there are a lot of high end Clients that they work with so you have to make sure you do know your Job at all times you must remember you are there to help be it the restaurantuer, Hotelier or the Head chef you are just a back up but be profession at all times.