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Mark has been learning his trade for over 28 years and working as a Freelance chef for over 10 years, in various styles of Restaurants, pubs, Hotels & carehomes.

Some businesses may just need that small amount of help or it maybe that you are in a rush as your chef has disapeared of the planet and you are lost without your shipmates well there is always an answer to that but sometimes the answer isnt always straight sailing so instead of going through ten different people to find the right fit for your ship why not contact me where you need that spare pair of hands and we can discuss your needs further.


Starting as an Apprentice chef for the catering manager for a large brewery and learning all aspects of the kitchen from many establishments and great chefs throughout Scotland, This gave me a love for the produce that we as a nation of food lovers produce not just throughout Scotland but on my travels throughout the Uk. I found there is an abundance of ingredients that we have on our door step

Working in scotland for well established businesses and learning from some great chefs throughout my working history I learned that cooking great food isnt just about the Ingredients you have on your table but it is also about the discipline and respect you interject into yourself and the team around you to make sure you give your customers a quality meal

Having worked within a varied set of styles from Jewish and other religious styles we learn that food is a forever training ground no matter where you have worked who you have worked with

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Working throughout the Hospitality Industry for over 28 years. We have a wealth of experience from front and back of house, management and health and safety to quality control of high value businesses .

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